Michael Evenson, President and founder of Rockwell Homes, began his building career as a superintendent for a national home builder in 1982. His experience with a large firm taught him what homeowners really want and set him on a path to improve upon what other builders fail to do. Hence, the formation of Rockwell Homes, developed out of a love for building and a desire to provide great value - beautiful, stylish and livable homes that age gracefully with timeless appeal.

The staff at Rockwell Homes knows that seamless architectural design based on your unique needs is our specialty. Listening to your individual desires and your family's future plans helps us build you a home of enduring worth that will bring you joy for many years; we build homes to fit the way you really live. We take the time to individually review and edit your plans with you, making sure that no detail has been overlooked and that the plans are finely tuned to your vision, as one-of-a-kind and as distinctive as you are!

interior27.jpgEven before construction begins you can be assured of our commitment to your ultimate satisfaction. Quality is always a top priority while we build your dream, and that is why we use high performing building materials: engineered foundations for strength, hurricane clips for safety, Trane or Lennox HVAC systems for comfort, Kool-Ply roof decking, double pane windows for energy efficiency, and high-speed Cat. 5 wiring for networking your home - things that you won't have to worry about because we've already taken care of these details.

Putting it all together takes just as much expertise and craftsmanship as it does innovation and forethought. Rockwell Homes is proud to partner with some of the finest local trades people in the area to ensure that the same principles that we value are followed through to our specifications. Each subcontractor is hand selected for their reputation for high quality work and reliable service, and we make every effort keep your home building schedule on time and within budget.

Occasionally some of our homes do come back on the market, and we are proud to note that typically under the Realtor's description of the home they will mention:

"Built by Rockwell Homes"

If you plan to purchase or build a custom home in the Houston area, we appreciate the opportunity to visit with you and discuss your dreams and home building ideas. We can assist you in developing a house plan that compliments your family and your lifestyle.

We look forward to working with you to turn your dream into your dream home. Designed to please, build to last: Rockwell Homes ... It's the details that make the difference!

Rockwell Homes is proud to offer our customers homes that earn the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR labeled homes are independently verified to meet EPA's strict guidelines for energy performance and deliver significant energy and cost savings. Simply put, our homes are better for the environment and better for you. Learn more about ENERGY STAR labeled homes at www.energystar.gov.

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